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LIFE Group #1 Authentic Manhood

Group Leader:Chris Barton, Dusty Harrison

When:Weekly on Sunday at 10:00 am


Description:Join us as we discuss authentic manhood in light of God’s word and lift each other up to live out the lives God desires for us. Max: 18

LIFE Group #2 Men's Group

Group Leader:Don Schaupp

When:Weekly on Monday at 6:45 pm

Where:The Potter's Place

Description:Join other men in this Bible study as they dive into scripture and apply it to their lives. This group will meet together to study, pray, and challenge one another to grow. The sermon notes will be the springboard for each week's discussion and different members of the group will lead. Group activities include at least one cookout and service project.

LIFE Group #3 Foster and Forever Family

Group Leader:Amy Turner, Joey Turner

When:Weekly on Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Where:ALIVE Room 202

Description:This group will meet weekly to share and learn from one another about the journey families take when they foster and adopt. Topics will range from how to deal with our children’s questions about their birth parents, behavior issues, nutrition, and anything else that group participants need. Participants split the costs of childcare.

LIFE Group #4 Sermon Discussion Group

Group Leader:Jennifer Trotter, Michael Trotter

When:Weekly on Wednesday at 6:30 pm

Where:ALIVE Room 204

Description:Join us for weekly sermon discussions mixed with prayer, laughter, and support. We also look for opportunities to serve and spend time together outside of church.

LIFE Group #5 Ladies' Support Group

Group Leader:Jan Box

When:Weekly on Monday at 6:30 pm


Description:Are you a woman suffering from a chronic “invisible” illness, like arthritis, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc.? Do you feel like daily pain and suffering are behind your smile? Join us as we study together, find encouragement, build a solid foundation for hope, and apply proven strategies, for handling chronic illness with humor along the way. We’ll explore what God’s Word says about suffering and discover the many ways He will love, support, and strengthen us.

LIFE Group #6 College Group Chi Alpha

Group Leader:Joe Holloway

When:Weekly on Thursday at 7:00 pm


Description:This group is a prayer and discipleship community, designed to encourage and equip students and faculty to impact their campus. We'll hang out, learn about Jesus, and do life together. Contact Joe Holloway for more details

LIFE Group #29 Alive After Five

Group Leader:Kathy Beck, Tom Beck

When:Weekly on Thursday at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where:212 Still Water Bay Dr.

Description:We are a new LIFE group open to both singles and couples, meeting every other Thursday in homes in the Keowee Key area. We are here to support each other, not fix each other. Romans 12:2 says, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer? Call Tom or Kathy Beck at 864-376-3779 if you are interested in learning more.

Study Groups

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Study Group #9 Ladies' Book Study

Group Leader:Caroline Davis

When:Weekly on Monday at 7:30 pm


Description:Interruptions are aggravating. Sometimes infuriating. But how we handle interruptions actually tell us more about ourselves. What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many times, like Jonah, we run! Join us online as we study Priscilla Shirer’s study on Jonah and redefine interruptions. When Jonah was willing to allow God to interrupt his life, the result was revival in an entire city. Max: 8

Study Group #13 Bible Study

Group Leader:Charlene McClellan, Mike McClellan

When:Weekly on Monday at 7:00 pm

Where:ALIVE Room 203

Description:If you want a Bible study with both wit and depth, this group is for you. Using a curriculum designed specifically for adults, this study includes a weekly lesson with thought-provoking questions. Through study and discussion, this group will dig deeper into God’s word and discover how it applies to everyday life.

Study Group #29 Celebrate Recovery

Group Leader:Joey Turner

When:Weekly on Monday at 6:30 pm

Where:111 Hillcrest Drive

Description:The purpose of this group is to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes and Christ-centered 12 steps. In this group, we will share experiences, victories, and hopes with one another and practice accepting God’s grace in solving our life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups. In this group we will grow spiritually and find freedom from our addictive, compulsive, or dysfunctional behavior. Come early and enjoy a meal together at 5:30 pm.

Rec and Serve Groups

Rec/Serve Group #17 Sonshine Ministry

Group Leader:Carrie Benoit, Bob Benoit

When:Weekly on Saturday at 10:00 am

Where:Six Mile

Description:Sign up and serve the needs of an often forgotten and neglected group of people, those living in nursing homes. No special skills are required, only your availability, and Bob and Carrie will guide you in ministering to those wonderful but often lonely people. As you serve them and reach out to them, you will soon become the highlight of their week.

Rec/Serve Group #18 Adopt A Senior

Group Leader:Carrie Benoit, Bob Benoit


Where:Six Mile

Description:Join with others to adopt senior adults in a local retirement center. At least once a month, you’ll visit your adoptive senior adult at a time agreed upon by you and the senior adult. No special skills required, only your availability, and Bob and Carrie will guide you in ministering to these wonderful but often lonely people. As you serve them and reach out to them, you will soon become a highlight to them each month.

Rec/Serve Group #19 Little Dresses

Group Leader:Jeanette Childs



Description:Our goal is to bless young girls across the world with a brand new dress and the message of the Gospel. Group members sew dresses at home using a simple design.We then collect and send out dresses as a tangible message to a girl that she is loved by God and someone at ALIVE. We will meet together as a group two or three times throughout the semester. Also, we will schedule two evenings of "Sew-ins" this semester. Times and dates will be sent out in email messages to those signed up.

Rec/Serve Group #20 Funeral Dinner Group

Group Leader:Kathryn Rash, Mary Beth Peurifoy, Sonnie Andrews



Description:Would you like to serve others through your cooking and baking abilities? This group works together to provide funeral dinners for grieving families at ALIVE. Opportunities arise on an as-needed basis, and group members will be asked to make a dish or two at various times throughout the semester. Sign-up to be a part of this compassionate group and to serve through cooking. This group will meet once or twice for an organizational meeting and fellowship but does not gather on a regular basis.

Rec/Serve Group #22 Prayer Group

Group Leader:Justine Tegen, Lisa Harding

When:Weekly on Sunday at 8:30 am

Where:Currently Online

Description:This group will meet Sunday mornings via zoom for the first few weeks, and then start meeting face to face later on. This group meets to pray for the services, the ministries of ALIVE, our church leaders, and the community. If you have a heart for prayer and a desire to see God move our church, come be a part!

Rec/Serve Group #24 Bible Journaling

Group Leader:Anna Wallace

When:Weekly on Tuesday at 6:00 pm


Description:I would love to invite you to join a Bible journaling class. Bible journaling is an expressive, artistic way to study and connect with God's Word. The art you create becomes a visual representation of how you are growing in your faith journey. From my experience Bible journaling, I've discovered that there is no wrong way to create what God is writing on your heart through His Word. Come and join us to learn God's Word in an artistic way.

Rec/Serve Group #25 Trout Fishing

Group Leader:Robin Bryant


Where:Various Locations

Description:If you love fishing and you love the outdoors this group is for you. Join us as we get together to fish, talk, and enjoy nature together. We will plan several outings throughout the year.

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